Texas Judge denies request to postpone lawsuits

A Texas judge has rejected requests by companies being sued for asbestos poisoning to create a separate docket dealing only with cases in which plaintiffs are sick. The companies wanted to delay all other cases until the victim developed asbestos-related sicknesses. Lawyers for the plaintiffs said the delays would deny their clients constitutional access to the courts and a trial by jury.

This was reported by the Star-Telgram quoting a portion of Judge Davidson’s findings: “At some point in the future, the number of cases filed which could qualify for assignment to an unimpaired docket could result in a denial of right to court access to other cases in which impairment is agreed to exist. It cannot be said that this is the case at this time for cases filed since Sept. 1, 2003.”

It was also reported more than 600,000 asbestos-related lawsuits have been filed nationwide, many by people who have not developed symptoms of asbestos-related illness. About a third of those were filed in Texas.

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