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Asbestos Epoch at the Capitol Ends $173 Million Later

This week, the Huffington Post reports on the official conclusion of an epoch battle related to asbestos found in the Capitol Hill underground system. Employees who had been exposed to asbsestos for years

The Office of Compliance (OOC) closed out the administrative complaint it filed six years ago. The complaint included claims against the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) for its failure to eliminate safety and health hazards found in 2000. Excessive asbestos and heat as well as falling concrete were cited as hazards that had been discovered over a decade ago in the underground tunnel that provides steam and chilled water to Capitol Hill.

After well over $100 million, the OOC is content in AOC’s fulfillment of its obligations.

However, workers who continue to suffer from the years of exposure to asbestos do not find much to be happy about with the conclusion of OOC’s complaint. They point out that it took about six years from the time when the hazards were revealed before the OOC did anything.

The OOC’s general counsel, Eveleth, said, “Filing the complaint sent a message that we will not put people’s lives at risk in circumstances when employing offices offer no viable solution for abating a very serious hazard.”

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